Milano Design Week 2015 – News


Milano Design Week 2015

Plug & Taco for Cappellini

Salone Internazionale del Mobile @ Cappellini Stand
Hall 20 E01 F06 Milano Fairgrounds / Rho Fiera

We are very proud of our inaugural collaboration with CAPPELLINI and we join an amazing roster of Design greats that have pushed the boundaries on thinking of how we live, work and play.Come and meet us, Plug & Taco, on the 14th of April, Cappellini press day, 1 – 4pm for the launch!


Chiostro della Facoltà di Teologia dell’Italia Settentrionale

Via Cavalieri del Santo Sepolcro 3, Milano IT

In this second collection of two carpets for NODUS, we shift the spotlight on the region of Campania in Italy, its capital being Naples, is characterized by the strong presence of toxic and radioactive waste dumped illegally. The fires that rage in these areas give it s ignoble moniker, “The Land of Fires”, released dioxins into the atmosphere that directly produced the high rates of tumors and cancers in young women and children in that region.
We have thus spliced that massage into a genetically-distrubed salamander and dragonfly. The SALAMANDER will be presented during the Salone while the DRAGONFLY during the first months of EXPO.

“Agorà” for Antolini

Salone Internazionale del Mobile @ Antolini Stand - Hall05 M06

Milano Fairgrounds / Rho Fiera

Inspired by the amphitheaters and Agorà, the heart of economic, civil and cultural Greeks poleis, this installation is not an interior but a shared space where stairs are no longer the symbol of architectural barrier but a trigger for conviviality.Come and experience the thirty precious marbles exclusive to Antolini.

Fools’ Gold for Singapore Design

The AlchemistTriennale Design Museum

Viale Alemagna 6, Milano IT

Under-lining the original Alchimia Movement philosophy, we used poor industrial materials as an expressionistic tool. And then utilizing the Alchemic transformation on it, they became precious golden objects through a succinct re-appropriation of a contemporary auto-mobile gilding technique. This project is curated by Stefano Casciani and Patrick Chia, and produced by Yoichi Nakamuta, INDUSTRY+.

“Mimesi Urbane” for Bosa

Salone Internazionale del Mobile @ Bosa Stand - Hall05 E06
Milano Fairgrounds / Rho Fiera

Thinking about the transformations of the new world, we equipped contemporary city animals: a fox and a raccoon with chain-link and graffiti livery to sneak into the warmth of our homes, becoming wall sculptures. nWe are proud to be part of the new Bosa Collection with “Racoon” & “Fox” from Animalità Exhibition with a brand new livery. 

One Size Fits All @Kids Design Week

Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci
Via San Vittore 21, Milano IT

KIDS DESIGN WEEK is the first design week ever devised around children and their world. For this debut programme the initiative revolves around an opening theme, a first fundamental and provocative rule: ‘un-learn’.ONE SIZE FITS ALL collects object not necessarily designed for children butcapable with their shape and colors, with their playful and unusual look to attract and trigger the desire of the “smallest”. 

“PRESENZE”. Biografie inedite di cento oggetti

Spazio ex-verniciature Allestimenti Porta Nuova

Via Adamello 9, Milano IT

The objects loved by people are presences with a soul. Life drives us to surround ourselves with objects that we pick out, even though it seems they are the ones that choose us. They seem to be complex identities that enrich the real or conceptual relationship of use in our life. Hundred presences (Presenze) coming from our real or imaginary history, are collected in “Spazio Ex-Verniciature” of Allestimenti Portanuova, as fragments of an original and everyday dimension. Came to see our Circus Cloches collection we designed for Edizioni Secondome.



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