Milano Design Week 2016


Milan Design Week 2016


PLAYplay: Flavours of New Southeast Asia

12 - 17 April - A Matter of Perception: Tradition & Technology

Palazzo Litta - Corso Magenta 24, Milano

Our PLAYplay collection for Journey East will have its proud European debut at the Milan Design Week at Palazzo Litta,  a beautiful 17th Century palace in the center of Milan.

The exhibition, entitled ” A Matter of Perception: Tradition & Technology“, will also feature work by lauded studios such as Andrea Branzi, Formafantasma, Maarten Baas and Mist-o. We do hope to receive you there and have a game on our PONG dining table!

PLAYplay is a daring collection crafted for smart, compact living spaces and fun-loving + playful people.

The spirit of play forms the driving narrative behind the collection, each piece consciously representing the young-minded positivity of a life filled with fun.

The rich colours are proudly representative of South East Asia – collected, sorted, and selected to give life to each piece in the collection.

Click here to watch the project video!

Looking at Tod’s Leo

Launching 14 April 2016

Boutique Tod’s - Via della Spiga 22, Milano

Invited by Giulio Cappellini, Lanzavecchia+Wai plays with the perception of two noble materials, Leather and Marble, for this special edition commission of a Tod’s icon: the Gommino. This special edition will be available in only 30 pairsand can be purchased either at Tod’s flagship boutique on the famed Via della Spiga in Milan or at their e-shop online.

Leather and Marble, the exact binary opposites of each other in terms of materiality and values. One is supple and warm, the other the definition of solidity and coldness, a beautiful tension between these historically and culturally rich materials is formed. Within this tension, we celebrate the preciousness of the heritage impeccable craftsmanship Tod’s is renowned for and the everlasting value of the moccasin archetype, rethinking it in a material for the ages.

W.O.B. for Welcome Gestures

12 - 17 April 2016

 PISACCO restaurant & bar - Via Solferino 48, Milano
DRY cocktails & pizza – Via Solferino 33, Milano

At Lanzavecchia + Wai we enjoy our drinks and the convivial experiences had. Therefore it makes perfect sense that we foray into Objects for the Bar, in this case commissioned and contextualized by the well-known Milanese restaurant Pisacco and its cocktail bar DRY. This collection is named W.O.B. 

The W.O.B. stands for Water, Olives, Bread; the three main protagonists of any Italian welcome after a long day.

The cloche that covers the oliver container when served can be flipped over and placed into the accompanying twin vessel to delightfully place and store the olive pits.

The soft rounded language is carried on over to a simple carafe, water glasses and a bottle with a functionally-expressive glass stopper, all in honey-amber mouth-blown glass.

The other participating designers are Leonardo Talarico, Mist-o and Antonio Forteleoni.

Picchio for WoodyZoody

12 – 17 April 2016
 asap - Corso Garibaldi 104, Milano

We are delighted to have contributed “Picchio” (Woodpecker) to this delightful collection of wooden animals, where you can pluck the little bird from the “tree” and spin it on your desk for a light-hearted distraction from work. “Picchio” is purchasable on

“…These animals are little design objects, result of formal synthesis and abstraction, that tickle the dreams of those who haven’t forgot the sweet taste of childhood.

The chosen woods for the collection come from different parts of the world: from Europe to Oceania through North and South America; every animal is associated with the wood of his native continent, so that the eye, the touch and the sense of smell perceive different suggestions and feelings.”

XX1T - 21st  Century. Design After Design

2 April – 12 September 2016

W. Woman in Design

 Triennale Design Museum - Viale Alemagna 6, Milano
New CraftFabbrica del Vapore – Via G.C Procaccini 4, Milano
We are very proud to announce that the studio will be showing at two separate shows at two different locations with the XXI Triennale International Exhibition 2016.
We are especially proud that our co-founder Francesca Lanzavecchia has been honoured as one of the protagonists in the landmark show “W. Women in Italian Design”! 

Twin for Project #Zero, A Design Toy

8 - 17 April 2016

 150UP - Via Medardo Rosso 16, Milano
A playful project helmed by our senior designer Francesco Schiraldi (NVRDS) where Francesca and Hunn get to exist as a customizable 3D-printed art-toy.You know you want 

Circus Cloches & Rhizaria @ CIRCUS

12 – 17 April – OpenDesignItalia@5VIE

 Circus - Via Medici 15, Milano
L+W is selected as one of “10 Best Designers” to have been a part of OpenDesignItalia and our CIRCUS cloches for Secondome and Rhizaria 3D-printed lamps for .exnovo will be on show in the windows of CIRCUS select


Lanzavecchia + Wai Design Studio 2016


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