A concept for FOODMADE,
Padiglione Italia

Salone del Mobile 2013

Photography © Davide Farabegoli

The domestic landscape reflects our culture, our taste and our habits. The objects that populate it absorb the atmosphere that pervades the space through their physicality, functionality and identity.

Ostensibly living intact through good times and also adverse ones, the domestic objects become invisible to us over time with their familiarity. How can furniture react to times of crisis? The decorational elements that were once appreciated, suddenly become superfluous and should evolve to reflect a new era ofausterity; the objects become edible and offer themselves to be consumed when needed.

In four conceptual objects, Lanzavecchia + Wai repropose basic nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins, sugar and chocolate as food reserves which at the same time complement and finish the objects by covering elemental metal structures.

Piece by piece the object is eroded, exposing a soul, the core-function, which will remain over time. This will encourage us to re-think what basic necessities are: a true reflection on the essence of the things that will lead us into the future.

The essence of a Chair is a Stool.

2.7 kg iron

Chocolate legs and backrest:
24 kg of white chocolate
(4.8 kg cocoa butter, 3.6 kg milk solids,
0.84 kg milk fat, 12 kg sugar,
0.5 l vanilla extract, 0.4 kg salt)

The essence of a Sofa is a Bench.

18.6 kg iron

Rice bricks backrest:
195 kg rice (in 1 kg bricks)
50 liters starch glue
(3 kg starch, 300 l water, 3 kg veg. glycerin)

Beans quilt:
19.5 kg dry beans
3 kg cotton

The essence of a Coffee Table are Saucers.

2.4 kg iron

Candy tabletop:
7 kg hard candy
(5.6 kg sugar, 2.1 l light corn syrup,
1.4 l water)

100 gr food wax

The essence of a Table is a Tray.

3.9 kg iron

Hardtack table top:
15 kg flour
5 liters water
360 gr salt

Corned Beef Legs:
36 cans of preserved beef