Glasss for LuisaViaRoma
Hand-blown glassware

Glasss is a playful capsule collection of mouth-blown glassware inspired by water system pipes that carry the life-sustaining liquid right into our homes.

The transparency of the glass allows us to have a small delight observing the liquid flow from one section

to the next, as we use it.

This collection is Made in Italy by skilled artisan and it was developed for LuisaViaRoma in blue and transparent after the successful launch of “W.O.B. for Welcome Gestures”at the Milano Design Week 2016 (see below).

The Glasss collection is available here on;

It was designed on the occasion of the 13th edition of Firenza4ever: “Underwater-Love”.

photography © Federico Villa

W.O.B for Welcome Gestures

W.O.B. for “Welcome Gestures”
Glass barware collection

W.O.B. stands for Water, Olives, Bread; the three main protagonists of any Italian welcome after a long day.

Glass, pitcher, bowls with cloches and the essential glass bottle, but of bold character, are our welcome objects for the Milanese aperitivo.

Their soft and welcoming language is the formal translation of the simplicity and sobriety the welcoming gesture. W.O.B. is made of honey-amber mouth-blown borosilicate glass.

Welcome Gestures

A small welcome, for those who have just entered a locale, while sizing it up and even before diving into the menu, can be expressed in many ways.
This projection of hospitality, which is an atti- tude at most implied in places of retail, is never left to chance in restaurants of caliber, but rather a carefully and selectively defined message.
Pisacco restaurant & bar and DRY cocktails & pizza, addresses of highly recognized creativity at the forefront of a strong

Milanese hospitality resurgence in the last few years, have, from the beginning, identified their welcome gesture in a de- liberately simple but great-reaching proposal: water, olives and bread.

For Design Week, four Milan-based design firms along with international extensions Antonio Forteleoni,
Lanzavecchia + Wai, Mist-o, Leonoardo Talarico present WELCOME GESTURES- a collection of essential elements offered as objects to guests.

photography © Davide Farabegoli

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