“Home Sweet Car” for SHAPE YOUR LIFE! Alcantara-MAXXI Project
Curated by
Giulio Cappellini & Domitilla Dardi


A project for the Alcantara-MAXXI exhibition, our task was to create “equipped habitats” for a car interior: object and spaces in Alcantara® so people can feel at home even when out of the house.

Our car becomes an imaginative mobile (interior) space that merges together home memories and useful travel items.

In a such restricted space as a car passenger compartment, feeling at home means enjoying a domestic, personal atmosphere.

The intent of this project is to propose a new view of the car by giving prominence to a different perception of its space, new activities and new potential for interaction.

By using Alcantara® as a tent-like shelter to protect ourselves, a soft surface to lie on, a material to dress, a mesh which filters the sun or an ephemeral wall that isolates us from the world, we endeavoured to turn the car into a comfortable space where we can relax and feel our emotions flow…the greatest luxury.


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