Luna Park for Hermès
Shopping Window Installations

Step right up! Come on in!
Hermès invited us to design the window displays of their three key boutiques in Singapore.

For 2018′s theme, Hermès defined themselves as a light-hearted Maison of objects that invites everyone to play,to have moments outside the everyday life, we referenced the most iconic amusement park from the turn of the 20th Century; Luna Park.

Through popular culture and personal experiences, we all share a common cozy and warm nostalgia of the brightly coloured, dazzlingly lit and fantastical energy of fairgrounds.
The rollercoaster, carousel, ferris wheel, Tunnel of Love, the High Striker hammer game, the popcorn cart, lollipops & candy, all of these joyful touchpoints of the quintessential fairground experience are adapted to the scale of Hermès’ wonderfully crafted objects,

so that they “take a break” from the boutique’s shelves to play in the windows. It is an inclusive spectacular experience through memory and play.

Like watching toy trains move in the toyshop windows when we were children, viewers that walk past these windows will pause their journey, and for a moment imagine themselves into the various cheerful scenarios in our windows.


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