Metamorfosi Vegetali
future sensing prosthesis

Legends narrate that Mankind once lived intimately connected to the Earth and its creatures, feeling naturally an integral part of it. While this bond cannot be regenerated in our present days, we can, however, dream of synthesizing technological peripherals that let us regain some of that symbiotic relationship.

With this project we have devised two sets of finger-implements, natural prostheses inspired by what we consider the most essential forms of life, plants.

Like plants we will be able to produce the oxygen we breathe, feed directly off the ground and even grasp the more subtle changes in the weather.

Firmly on the ground, anchored to our roots, we will discover the depths that support us : explore, learn and discover without destroying , finally feeling intimately part of everything that surrounds us.

Leaves as receptors of energy from our star, the Sun, and of ambient data that inhabit the intangible, the invisible aether around us.

Roots as intelligent terminals, antennas probing the deep and give us the miracle of a new humanity, no longer closed in on itself, extraordinarily dynamic because anchored again/another time to the ground.

photography © Davide Farabegoli

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