MUTAZIONI 2.0 for Nodus
Salamandra Ardentis Agri
& Trithemis Ardentis Agri


The term ”Land of Fires“ refers to a large area located in southern Italy, between the provinces of Naples and Caserta, characterized by the strong presence of toxic (and radioactive waste) and especially the numerous bonfires of waste, from which the moniker is infamously derived from.

In many cases, the piles of waste illegally dumped in the countryside or by the roadside, are set on fire resulting in their smoke spreading into the atmosphere and in the surrounding lands. Toxic substances, including dioxin, are responsible for a high rate of tumours that have hit especially young women, breast and thyroid, and children.

And what about the animals that live in those places? Butterflies, dragonflies, lizards, salamanders: how they react to these environmental changes that accumulate gradually and inexorably? In this context, it is reasonable to think that even in this case, there will take place somatic and DNA modifications.
And it is from the Land of Fires, which we assumed to have been originated from, creatures that inhabit our carpets Mutations 02: a salamander (Salamandra Ardentis Agri) and a dragonfly (Trithemis Ardentis Agri).
At first glance, they appear to be normal animals, but the perfect grid on which rest leads our eye to dwell on small defects not immediately perceptible.

These imperfections and mutations intrigue us and generate attraction and repulsion at the same time. Beauty has been a means to tell a very sad story, of which one has difficulty speaking; is a story of our time, of our troubled land.
We aim to make visible what is invisible by nature, as the evil that man, by nature, is also brining upon himself.

The message we want to communicate through an exquisite example of craftsmanship is a bittersweet tale that emphasizes the fragility, beauty and imperfection of life inviting the observer with a new, refined edition of the game “spot the differences.”

“Golden Ratio” Carpet grid pattern by Olivia Lee

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