chromatherapy device

mycoocoon provides wellness through chromatic experiences, natural elements, and the awakening of the senses.

An Essential Luxury providing a spectrum of well-being, mycoocoon is an instant source of energy and vitality. To rebalance customers’ colour energy, specially developed “coocoons” provide a “bain de lumière” or light bath,

under bio-compatible lamps which immerses the whole body in key colors in a pre-determined sequence and rhythm.

It begins with the colour “missing” from the customer’s chromatic profile, followed by complementary colours. Each colour having its own role, they come together to create a moment of relaxation, with sounds and aromas to complete the experience.

mycoocoon immersion are spaces established in hotels, spas, airports, corporate offices and as freestanding salons.

mycoocoon nomade are similar spaces, set up temporarily as a functional furniture, in association with specific occasions and events.

photography © Davide Farabegoli
mycoocoon Concept.pdf


Mycoococoon-HD from mycoocoon on Vimeo.

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