Design Destination curated set up by Domitilla Dardi: 7 Italian designers from the School of Eindhoven talking who talk about the journey, the destinations and the new design maps. A group show An exhibition grouptelling the stories of seven Italian designers who have become cultural migrants and who have been asked to come up with conceptual as well as physical baggage.

Wedge shoes

The Pollicine shoes are ideal for going and coming back. High wedges made of beech wood, like Dutch clogs the designer met came across in Eindhoven, but now as Italian fashion shoes. The wedges are quite ambiguous: while you’re walking towards a goal destination,they leave a mark that indicates the opposite direction.

The intent is to lose track of the pursuer, or leave a clear signal to find their way home? Indecision between escaping and remaining, the departing and the returning, these shoes leave no trace except for those who know how to interpret it.

Photography © Davide Farabegoli

Upper shoe by Calzaturificio Rognoni
via buccella 30
27029 Vigevano, Italy

Wood wedge heel by ZOOI
via savona 97
20144 Milan, Italy

Lungo come un viaggio

This Long Dress is like a journey inspired by the quote ” Omnia mea mecum porto” , “Whatever that is good is mine, and I shall carry with me”. The baggage is lighter than a suit; like a second skin that does not renounce give up carrying a personal story.

In front , an embroidered map that leads the way; behind, on the train are pockets that would be as light as a feather but they are heavy with the ties of affection, even sweet memories that encumber the travel journey and deny the possibility of flight.

Photography © Davide Farabegoli

Printed Fabric by Seride Srl
Via Gorizia 13
22070 Portichetto di Luisago, Italy

Skirt tailored by Maria Elena Scova

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