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“People have always been attracted by the refined and mathematical charm of geometric shapes: from the sacred geometry of solids studied by Pythagoras and Plato to the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci; from the complicated perspective geometries drawn in 16th century by Lorenz Stoer, governed by complex mathematical formulas, up to the modern geodesic structures explored by Buckminster Fuller in the last century.

When conceiving these carpets designed for Nodus the challenge was to bring an ideal and perfect three-dimensional solid in a two-dimensional size on the surface of the carpet and at the same time to give it three-dimensionality and depth by means of the details, the weaving patterns and the skillful carving by Nepal craftsmen.

The choice of colors, very distant from the classic geometric representations, brings us back to nature with a highly expressive color palette that emphasizes the perfection of shape and which recalls the sublime beauty of sunsets on the ancient ruins.

Rugs in wool and bamboo silk.
Hand-knotted with Tibetan technique in Nepal.
Limited edition 3 pieces.


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