Canes & crutches

Francesca Lanzavecchia

This is the first inspirational publication that present disability artifacts in a new light.
It is a bridge between user and producer aiming to open their eyes to the possibilities and new values that these vital body accessories can bestow upon the user.

Here disability aids become a stage to discuss, understand and cope with disability, illness and human frailty.

Canes are one of the most iconic objects of disability, used by a large amount of people at any stage of ailment or injury.

They are reinterpreted as extensions of the body; externalizations of the process the body is undertaking or veritable pieces of furniture.

Worn like a sleeve, the crutches seem to extend directly from the user’s arm.
Always conveniently within reach without the risk of them falling on the floor.

A cane with furniture properties or furniture with body-supporting capabilities?
The boundaries are blurred in this tripod cane that supports the little daily break in life,
returning independence and the pleasure of small rituals to its user.

This aid manifests the symptoms that afflict sufferers of brittle bone.
A delicate-looking cane but at the same time strong enough to support body weight.

The beauty of a replacement hip joint is repurposed as a walking aid.
An iconic symbol of man-made cures becomes a portrayal of the body condition.

A bone-shaped cane to make up for the one not functioning properly.
A symbolic expression in form, for its user to come to terms with,
and for the public-at-large to recognize the fortitude of human frailty.