Rockers, n°1 & n°2
See-saw, for one & for two

Within the spaces of SECONDOME, the designer duo presents for their solo exhibition “ROCK IT!” curated by Maria Cristina Didero, a selection of the most significant projects developed in recent years, and two new works commissioned by Claudia Pignatale, founder of the gallery – and created for the occasion: Rocker n°1 & Rocker n°2.

With these Rockers, Lanzavecchia + Wai demonstrate how children’s
play, through a sophisticated design process, can be transformed into refined grown-up objects with
meaning and intent.

These two objects combine skillful craftsmanship with serial production and highlight the heart of the interest that animates the work of the two designers.

Lanzavecchia + Wai point out:

“Lightness is an oxymoron and a moving goal always beyond our grasp.
If lightness is a dream it inevitably recalls the most ineffable of the inconsistencies: the wonderful time
dedicated to the industrious, and
at the same time lazy, play-game.

To give substance/body to the
lightness we asked the help of the Laws of Physics: Dynamics. The result, ironically enough to be playful, is the
encounter between steel – the material emblematic of solidity – and one of the most beloved childhood icons.

We can play “cowboy” as suggested by the material used for saddles, and so smile and be light (smile in a lighter way). Eventually the call of the time will convince you to come back to earth,
transforming the rocker into a bench with its purpose-built stoppers.

Is this a sculpture?

The strength of the iron leaves no room for doubt. But it is a light sculpture. Indeed, very light. As light as the memory of the children. ”
Photography © Serena Eller

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