Soft Nest for House of Birds
Woodpecker house and feeder

The bird we have chosen to design for is the Great Spotted Woodpecker. We are intrigued by its literally head-banging mechanical technique to create its organic-shaped home.

We have taken the nest-void created by a woodpecker to turn it into a hyper comfortable home; A house identical to the one carved by the woodpecker in the tree trunk, but made of a flexible rubber.

The organic silicon rubber house is framed by a cloche-vitrine that is filled with seeds thus becoming the pantry of the house itself.
Wherein nuts and grains can be deposited via a corked mouth and ate through strategically placed holes at its bottom.
We imagine this organic rubber nest to be able to stretch as the tiny woodpeckers grow up, and be cuddled and massaged by the grains.

The air-gap between the glass shell and the rubber nest insulates it from the outside environment, passively regulating the internal temperature for optimal Woodpecker living.

House of Birds
curated by Roberto Giacomucci

The exhibit HOUSE OF BIRDS by Action Giromari held in the Garden of Triennale di Milano for Design Week 2017 introduces 24 creations that weave together design, creativity, and nature.

Roberto Giacomucci, creator and curator of the project, coordinated a workshop of 24 well-known Italian and foreign designers invited to meet one challenge: to design a birdhouse. They were free to express and experiment their own vision through functions, forms, colors, and finishes.

It was based on these premises that House of Birds was created, an exhibit engaged in by: Shin Azumi; Emmanuel Babled; Sebastian Bergne; Aldo Cibic; Claesson Koivisto Rune; Nigel Coates; Matali Crasset; Lorenzo Damiani; Marco Ferreri; Odoardo Fioravanti; Naoto Fukasawa; Roberto Giacomucci; Alessandro Guerriero; Constance Guisset; Giulio Iacchetti; Industrial Facility; Lanzavecchia + Wai; Lievore Altherr; Piero and Francesco Lissoni; Palomba Serafini ps+a; Marc Sadler; Denis Santachiara; Paolo Ulian; Michael Young.

Flight is the quintessential symbol of freedom. Free from all restraints, birds defy all types of resistance in the infinite space that is the sky,

overcoming gravity’s downward pull, and can head anywhere.
Nevertheless, even nature’s freest creatures develop a need to count on a place that offers them protection and safety.

As a consequence, we might imagine the abode of a winged creature more as a “cradle” rather than a cage—a safe place where it can protect itself and nest. They strive to build their home with everything that nature offers them: mud, twigs, straw, feathers…
They manage to bring real genuine works of art to life just using their beak and their claws: an ability that, we must remark, makes them “natural architects”.

The “House of Birds” workshop draws inspiration precisely from this collective imaginary and carries it over to the sphere of creativity. The Action Giromari workshop is the space where these 24 projects come to life by combining technology and artisanship. A comfortable place where architects and designers can work together with the company to reach solutions for realizing their projects.
This is the objective of the House of Birds exhibit: to show how every idea can become a reality when there is a perfect balance between creativity and technical abilities!

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