STREAM for AgustaWestland
AW169 Helicopter VIP Interior

‘STREAM’ is a helicopter interior design concept by designers Lanzavecchia + Wai, in collaboration with AgustaWestland – the industry-leading, multinational helicopter design and manufacturing company.

Re-imaging the helicopter cabin as a ‘flying lounge’, Lanzavecchia+ Wai aspire to enable a personal spatial experience by allowing for several modes of privacy and conviviality – an environment that can be fine-tuned to the passengers’ needs.

To feel safe but comfortable; functional but considered; discrete sophistication and built-in intelligence that supports the passengers activities and embraces him in ultimate comfort and security.

The organic visual language, consistent inside and out, is inspired by aerial views of the earth and the semantics of flight; velocity slipstreams and waves.

These motifs, combined with the natural colour palette of tones graduating lighter, from floor to ceiling are designed to create sense of harmony and serenity.

The deep grooves in the upholstery provide pockets for passengers to safely store personal objects and reading materials. The rear of the cabin features a cabinet for hanging clothes and a hidden entertainment monitor and storage.

“Cocooon” Seats
The cabin can accommodate 4 or 5 passengers in pivot-mounted, shell-inspired seats, with recharging points for personal devices that cocoon passengers, providing a sense of privacy and escape without compromising natural and interior light, which is diffused through the translucent polymer. Passengers can turn seats toward each another for true face-to-face conversation or oriented toward the windows to enjoy the spectacle of flight.

Ceiling Lights 
The three concentric LED rings on the ceiling illuminate the cabin; It allows the passengers to dim the power of the light, to change the colours of the LED and, with a special feature on the AW-App, is possible to select a mood lighting-preset for enjoying the flight in a relaxing, energizing or fortifying way.

Passengers can control their experience using a specialized AgustaWestland app for smartphones and tablets. The app communicates flight and destination information and controls the cabins ambient mood, light intensity and colours, window blinds, temperature settings, and entertainment system wirelessly. Lanzavecchia + Wai designed the custom graphics for the AW169-Stream app.


“Flydeas for the City” Contest Winner
This 1:1 mock-up is the result of the collaboration between Lanzavecchia + Wai and AgustaWestland as a further development from “Flydeas for the City”, the exhibition-event for FuoriSalone 2014 that INTERNI and AgustaWestland organized during Design Week in Milan.

The Flydeas for the City creative contest was organized by AgustaWestland and Interni was won by the Stream project by Lanzavecchia + Wai. The two young designers based in Italy and Singapore impressed the jury chaired by Giulio Cappellini and featuring helicopter experts and prominent figures from the design industry, with their innovative and fascinating project that expresses the oneiric vision of this duo.

The jury included:

Gilda Bojardi – Director of INTERNI
Roberto Archetti – Brand Manager of Poltrona Frau Group
Chris Bangle – Automobile Designer
Anders Byriel – CEO of Kvadrat
Walter Maria de Silvia - Head of Volkswagen Group Design
Ernesto Gismondi – President of the Artemide Group
Daniel Libeskind – Architect
Piero Lissoni – Architect & Designer
Emilio Dalmasso – SVP Commercial Business Unit AgustaWestland

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  1. Bee Leng Chua
    August 16, 2015

    Totally amazing. Attended the Modern Aging Kickoff in Singapore and saw Hunn’s presentation. It was long and stuffed with content, but worth every minute. Wanted to thank him but he was always surrounded. I hope that I can see the Helicopter someday in some part of the world. From the top, love the red tips of the blades as it flies! Like that you can store magazines and stuff on the “waves”. So much talent in the duo.


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