September 2015 News



September 2015 News

New PLAYplay Collection is out!


We are very proud to announce the launch of this new collection we designed for Journey East! Please head down to the showroomin Singapore to experience these playful and energetic expressions of New South-East Asia.“PLAYplay is a daring collection crafted for compact smart living spaces, fun-loving + playful people, and outspoken and expressive characters who are unafraid of colour and want to be surrounded by authentic possessions.Bringing together a confluence of inspirations, PLAYplay is distilled from the personality of Journey East, and skillfully brought to life by award-winning design duo Lanzavecchia + Wai.The spirit of play forms the driving narrative behind the collection, each piece consciously representing the young-minded positivity of a life filled with fun. This forward-looking energy is seamlessly juxtaposed with a touch of retro design influence: a homage to the 20-year heritage of Journey East as curator and restorer of rare vintage furniture.PLAYplay is proudly designed in Singapore + Italy, and proudly crafted in South East Asia: South East Asia boasts an overwhelming plethora of rich colours and flavours found nowhere else in the world – collected, sorted and selected to give life to each piece in the collection. Indonesian Mahogany, an impressive wood of the region, was also chosen, being a material that binds us to our culture and collective memory.”High-resolution images available

Include 2015: Disruptive Ideas in Inclusive Design

17 – 18 September 2015 – Royal College of Art

Dyson Building - RCA Battersea, 1 Hester Road. London – UK

Francesca will proudly present the studio’s works, thinking and approaches at, the 8th international conference on inclusive design at the RCA.

“Ever since the international inclusive design community first came together around the needs of older and disabled people for the inaugural Include conference in 2001, a series of disruptions have moved the tectonic plates under the field.
Definitions of inclusive design have expanded, new directions have proliferated and has altered the landscape too.
Co-design, co-creations and crowdsourcing have re-cast the relationship between designers and users: social innovation and digital manufacture have raised new agendas.
As result, the pluralistic world of inclusive design now looks very different form the picture at the turn of the new millennium.”

Lanzavecchia + Wai Design Studio 2015

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